About the Survey

This survey is used to create the MTI Top Simulation & Training Companies, which is a listing of companies that have made a significant impact in the military training industry throughout the current fiscal year, whether in simulation, distributed learning, serious gaming, visual systems, embedded training, targets and ranges, database modeling or any other training discipline. Based on the information submitted in the application, our editorial board will select the companies to be included. Companies will be selected based on such criteria as total military sales, end-user feedback, innovations and need for the solution.

Award Ribbons

Based on the survey, MTI editors selected companies that have made the most significant contributions to the training community, which will be further recognized with achievement awards. A GREEN ribbon indicates the company leads the industry in training related sales, regardless of total revenue. A BLUE ribbon signifies a company leads the industry in innovation. A YELLOW ribbon designates a company that is quickly rising in the industry and is considered up-and-coming. A RED ribbon denotes a company involved with or spearheading a program that is revolutionizing training.

Our History

Now in its 21th year, Military Training International (MTI) focuses on simulation training systems, modeling and simulation, interactive distance learning, wireless nets, training platforms, courseware, outsourcing, training pyrotechnics, training ranges and much more. MTI is a recognized leader in covering every aspect of training and simulation with staff members who know the field. 

How are winners selected?

Companies are selected for the MTI Top Simulation & Training Companies listing by the editors, based on information provided in the application. Those selected have made a significant impact in the military training industry throughout the current fiscal year. Award ribbon winners are selected on the basis of achievement, taking into account such factors as business success, technological innovation and strength of partnerships with military customers.

How can I join next year’s survey?

Contact Defense House Publishing.

How can I subscribe to the magazine?

Subscription requests can be made at http://www.defense-house.com.

How can I request an update to my listing?

Defense House Publishing staff members would be happy to help you with this.