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Bagira Systems started operating in the simulation field during 1995 with one goal in mind: to ensure the Mission Readiness of our clients. To date, more than 500,000 soldiers have used the simulators developed and supported by Bagira Systems. Bagira's dynamic team is tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project. When the project has been completed, a professional maintenance team takes over, on our behalf, to provide efficient field maintenance and the best possible support. We at Bagira pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, efficient and knowledgeable service adapted specifically to the client's needs and requirements.

Product and Services

MAGNET - an infantry micro-tactical training system, based on an advanced control system and a laser engagement technology, enabling a simulation of realistic “Force on Force”, training regardless of location, under no safety limitations and without using blank ammunition.The players unit is packed in a magazine and enables a simulation of the firing event (sound, light, amount of ammunition & laser operation) and connectivity with the control station (GPS & communication). MAGNET is offering the ability to control the trainees, monitor them and generate an After Action Review (AAR) through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

MAGNET Magazine- is a laser engagement training system, an add-on device for small arms, designed to provide more realistic & safer training at lower costs.The MAGNET Magazine is designed to enable realistic "force on force" training with advanced control and After Action Review (AAR) capabilities, while eliminating the need for blank ammunition.

BreakPoint™ - a virtual platform which enables training in the context of various comprehensive scenarios, involving numerous trainees at different levels, from the micro-tactical level up to the strategic level. The system covers all of the activities associated with the training exercise – from the planning stage through implementation to the After Action Review (AAR) & the debriefing stage.

JOBSS – (JOint fires Battle Space Simulator) a training platform for call-for-fire, surveillance, intelligence and for fire direction processes. The system may be used for training at various levels, from individuals to brigade fire support centers. The system enables training in the closure of sensor-to-shooter circles by all of the relevant platforms: UAVs, artillery, guided missiles, aerial platforms, et al. JOBSS is the training platform for joint fires management as it may be used to drill the various complexes using the same database and scenario.


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