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Company Overview

Barco is an advanced visualization company serving a variety of markets with a deep core competency in developing and manufacturing professional-grade projection products. Our rich heritage in simulation & training is reflected by our continued dedication to being the only projection company that develops and fully supports purpose-built projectors for the needs of the simulation & training market with a focused R&D and customer service team. Our mission is to deliver the highest performing simulation & training products which increase simulator availability and reduce risk for our customers.

Product and Services

Barco has developed a new family of 4K UHD laser phosphor projectors for the simulation & training market. The first to be introduced in this family is our new F90 series DLP projectors, which offers industry-leading price/performance and durability, warranted for 24/7 operation. Features include our unique 4K UHD Single Step Processing (SSP™) technology, embedded warp & blend capability, Constant Light Output (CLO) over time for up to 40,000 hours operating time, as well as utilization of the high-quality lens options of our existing F3X series. Operational simplicity, superior image quality and low total cost of ownership are elements Barco has always focused on and this new family of solid state illumination projectors by Barco continues this trend.

Barco is also introducing its unique audio processing technology for use in key simulation and training applications, which features the unique IOSONO CORE processing engine. The inclusion of Barco Audio Technologies helps elevate the complete sensory experience of trainees, increasing their awareness by taking them beyond the visual cues to enable them to experience audio as it is meant to be heard, when it needs to be heard. The combination of ultra-high resolution and real-time, object-based, highly realistic audio elevates the immersive experience and total environment realism to a whole new level. This integrated approach contributes to faster decision-making and promotes a trained, educated reaction pattern in the most critical situations.


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