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CAE is a global leader in delivery of training for the defense, civil aviation, and healthcare markets. CAE designs and integrates the industry’s most comprehensive training solutions, anchored by the knowledge and expertise of its 8,000 employees, world-leading simulation technologies and a track record of service and technology innovation spanning seven decades. CAE's global presence is the broadest in the industry, with 160 sites and training locations in 35 countries, and the world’s largest installed base of flight simulators. Each year, CAE trains more than 120,000 civil and defense crewmembers, as well as thousands of healthcare professionals.

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CAE is an ideal training systems integrator, capable of offering governments, defense forces and original equipment manufacturers across air, land, naval and public safety a comprehensive range of innovative training solutions designed to cost effectively meet specific training and readiness requirements.

CAE is flexible and has a wealth of experience operating and delivering training services across different business models, including government-owned, government-operated (GOGO); government-owned, contractor-operated (GOCO); or contractor-owned, contractor-operated (COCO) facilities.

CAE's offerings include training needs analysis, instructional systems design, learning management information systems, purpose-built facilities, state-of-the-art synthetic training equipment, curriculum and courseware development, classroom and simulator instruction, maintenance and logistics support, life cycle support and technology insertion and financing alternatives.

CAE offers the industry's most comprehensive range of simulation products and training services related to flight simulation, and no company has more experience or capability to deliver a turnkey training center. The company has designed simulators for the greatest variety of helicopters, and is a recognized leader in developing simulators and training systems for transports, tankers, maritime patrol aircraft, lead-in fighter trainers and combat aircraft.

For decades, CAE has provided a range of products and services related to training ground forces, including solutions for direct and indirect fire, close air support, forward observation, driver training and crew gunnery training.

CAE's command and staff training systems, such as the CAE GESI constructive simulation system, are used extensively by military forces to help develop the decision-making abilities of commanders.

CAE is leveraging its training systems integration expertise and experience to provide comprehensive naval training solutions to customers globally. In 2016, CAE won a major contract to develop a comprehensive Naval Training Centre for the United Arab Emirates Navy, and also completed delivered of a Naval Warfare Training System to the Swedish Navy.

CAE Healthcare designs and builds products for patient simulation, surgical simulation, ultrasound simulation and more.

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