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Cubic Global Defense (CGD) is a leading provider of live, virtual, constructive and game-based training solutions, special operations, mission support and intelligence for the U.S. and allied forces in more than 35 nations. CGD designs, develops and services a diverse range of systems, products and technologies that are critical for national security and mission success. Cubic’s primary focus is to raise human performance - both individual and collective - by providing an integrated, effective learning assessment experience that drives combat readiness.

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Cubic is a worldwide provider of training systems and services for the U.S. military, security forces, ally and partner nations. Cubic provides full-service training options that can dramatically improve learning, retention and performance. Some of Cubic’s training offerings include:

  • Customized live, virtual and constructive (LVC) training systems and services 
  • Large-scale exercise and simulation development
  • Weapons engagement simulators for hands-on practice
  • Immersive, cutting-edge synthetic 3-D environments
  • Live fire range design solutions   
  • High-fidelity man-in-the-loop system simulations and custom simulation services
  • Instructional/educational software
  • Neuroscience-based learning tools
  • Software development services
  • Arms/engagement simulators
  • Traditional classroom instruction



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