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L-3 Link Simulation & Training is a world leader in providing total training solutions for operators and maintainers across a wide range of military, civil and commercial platforms. Our innovative solutions provide a full spectrum of state-of-the-art training technologies, including high-fidelity immersive simulations, as well as distributed academic and interactive courseware. We deliver training through any combination of classroom instruction, computer-based training, part-task trainers and advanced flight simulators, propelling L-3 Link to the forefront of transformational training delivery that focuses on an experiential learner-centric learning approach. Today we are providing these solutions within the fixed wing, rotary wing and unmanned aircraft systems markets.

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Today L-3 Link is delivering global military training product solutions that include:

HD World® - This solution provides a realistic, high-fidelity synthetic environment simulation that immerses pilots in high-definition, dynamic training scenarios. It supports day/night, low-altitude and all-weather mission training, in addition to simulating employment of a full range of weapons and sensors.

HD World significantly enhances the operational environment being simulated by adding physics-based dynamic behaviors representative of indigenous populations. By adding increased realism and clutter, the ability for pilots to acquire targets is hampered. Highly interactive physics-based vehicle models offer more realistic movement and consistent collision detection. Precision weapon effects with more accurate battle damage assessment enhance training knowledge transfer.

HD World integrates displays, image generation, databases and dynamic environments.

SimuSphere HD® - This visual system solution provides much-improved acuity, enabling pilots to accurately detect and identify targets from distances experienced during actual missions. Pilots are immersed in training environments equivalent to real-world missions. As part of our HD World simulation product line, SimuSphere HD can provide either a 180° or 360° field-of-view and display out-the-window imagery at 20/40 visual acuity. In support of night vision training requirements, SimuSphere HD provides a highly realistic, stimulated night vision goggle mission capability.

RITE-Train™ serves as our foundation in providing customers with total training solutions that accelerate student learning. By using adaptive and immersive approaches, we are able to tailor individual student instructional delivery methods that respond to differences in learning preferences. From handheld mobile devices to part-task trainers to high-fidelity simulators, we use RITE-Train's common training solution architecture to arrive at distributed training methods that immerse students in course content, assess student learning, adapt training delivery to individual student needs and verify students are meeting learning objectives.

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