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Our mission is to solve a fundamental capability gap common to all militaries: the only time they perform live-fire training on realistically moving targets – is in actual firefights. This violates the time-honored military principle: never practice a mission-critical skill on the battlefield for the very first time. Marathon makes autonomous target robots that look, move, and behave like people. When one is shot, the others can scatter for cover, or coordinate a counterattack. Since their introduction, Marathon Targets have revolutionized live-fire training and are now used on 4 continents – rapidly becoming the new standard for small arms live-fire training.

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Smart targets solve a fundamental training gap immediately, and with cutting-edge technology. The result is dramatically improved moving marksmanship, higher range throughput, and lower range life-cycle costs.

Marathon makes the world’s only Autonomous Robotic Human Type Target (A-RHTT). These ‘smart targets’ carry a 3D human-sized plastic mannequin. They can be engaged from all directions and can distinguish lethal shots from wounding shots. The A-RHTT’s base is armored for 5.56, 7.62, and .338 ammunition.

The robots address the fundamental training gap of all militaries – no realistic moving targets during live-fire training. The Army and USMC have each validated 100+% marksmanship improvement in just two days.

The robots sprint at 11+ mph for 12 miles. On-site recharging takes only 90 minutes. The robots have an international reputation for reliability and ruggedness. Every robot ever delivered is still in service, and any repair can be made in the field in five minutes.

Autonomous navigation software allows the targets to operate on training ranges with no direct human input, both indoors and outdoors. Artificial Intelligence, inspired by the latest computer game technology, enables reality-based live-fire training. The robots add further realism with sounds: shouts, conversations, even gunfire.

Because the system is highly automated, a single operator can handle 25 robots. Automation also means higher range throughput with robots – the Army has measured 3.6X improvement on certain drills.

Robots reduce range costs. Any existing range can be turned into a state-of-the-art moving target range in one day - eliminating expensive, time-consuming construction and infrastructure.

The robots can also enable three entirely new value-added target systems: Unknown Distance Movers, live-fire role players, and live-fire OPFOR – with robots replacing human role players and human OPFOR.

The robots are available for purchase, or as a training service. A trailer serves as a combination radiomast, workshop, and charging station.


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