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Saab Defense and Security (SDAS) Training and Simulation develops, manufactures, fields and supports products and services to the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, National Guard and Department of Energy in the live, virtual and constructive domains. Saab's product line contains the industry's highest-performing training equipment while maintaining cost-effectiveness, reliability and durability. It is Saab's mission to be the leading and most responsive provider of innovative and adaptive defense training capabilities to customers worldwide. SDAS Training and Simulation has supported the U.S. armed forces and homeland security with targets, laser simulators and instrumentation training products for more than 30 years.

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Saab’s Instrumentable Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System Combat Vehicle Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems (IMILES CVTESS) is currently being delivered to Soldiers around the world. In the last year alone, Saab received additional orders for several brigades’ worth of CVTESS kits. CVTESS is used to provide realistic, hands-on training for Abrams, Bradly and Opposing Force (OPFOR) vehicle crews during exercises such as Joint National Training Center rotations and Homestation Instrumented Training using Saab provided Systems (HITS). The CVTESS kit is easily installed on the Abrams, Bradley, and OPFOR vehicle types. Once installed, it provides a seamless training aid to the Soldier, connecting the crew directly to the vehicle’s fire control system via the Vehicle Interface Module (VIM). Not only can Soldiers practice their proper switchology for the weapon systems, but they can also quickly find out how their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) result in vulnerable positions - resulting in Battle Ready Soldiers.

Saab Defense and Security, Training and Simulation Vice President and General Manager Cyndi Krisan states, ”Saab is proud to serve our Warfighters with Force-on-force, Force-on-target and Virtual/ Constructive training capabilities. The American public and our Allies can feel safer as a result of the incredible training capability provided by Saab.”

Once delivered, our Soldiers and our Allies will be able to participate in large or small scale exercises without having to change out equipment or purchase additional equipment. This results in significant cost savings and simultaneously supports seamless training exercises.

OSAG 2 is similar to the MILES Communication Code (MCC) but typically uses lower power lasers, better and more information coded in the beam, and improved/more accurate pairing between lasers and detectors. We certainly believe interoperability with coalition forces is a major training advantage for U.S. and international partners.

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