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TARGAMITE is a robotics company producing advanced, innovative live-fire training solutions for the military, law enforcement, and tactical communities. Our overall mission is to provide platforms combining robotics and artificial intelligence agents that support and enhance real-time human decision-making in the field. Targamite customers include the US Army, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard Academy, US Coast Guard, US Special Operations Command, Dept. of Homeland Security, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, and the Federal Corrections Complex.

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Our signature product — called the TARGABOT® — is the world’s first portable, unpredictable moving target system that presents randomly like real threats in theatre. Through user-programmable robotics, this leading edge platform offers the modern-day warfighter an altogether new dimension of challenge and training engagement.

The Targabot was developed to offer a realistic, cost-effective, highly-versatile solution to firearms training in the military and law enforcement contexts. Designed to enhance marksmanship efficacy as well as rapid decision-making skills under stress, it builds superior target engagement capabilities that translate into increased confidence and effectiveness in theatre.

Behaving unpredictably, like human adversaries encountered on the battlefield, the Targabot significantly develops the warfighter’s threat detection, shoot/no shoot judgment, and rapid engagement accuracy. Subject matter experts have determined that operators' skill and effectiveness are demonstrably improved through two short training drills on the Targabot.

The Targabot is an all-weather robotic target that can be used indoors and outdoors, as well as in shoot houses, inside/behind motorized vehicles, on ships at sea, or on mobile ranges.

AC or battery-operated (over 6-hour runtime) and lightweight (20 lbs.), the Targabot comes with 8 factory modes of operation, each with individualized difficulty ramping capabilities. The trainer may also direct the system real time by remote control (1,000 meter rating) or simply program any autonomous scenario he/she imagines, with our user-friendly Graphic Sequencer app.

Powerful add-on features in development include hit detection (audible and/or light strobe hit reporting) and networked artificial intelligence-driven behavior (dynamic aggressiveness and avoidance characteristics), both of which will add an unprecedented level of “reality” to live fire training.

The Targabot is caliber agnostic, capable of accommodating both standard and customized targets — like bullseyes, heads, torsos, thermals or laser pads — and takes only minutes to integrate into existing ranges and training scenarios.


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